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One woman, two names, many facets.
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  Whether a friend, a fan, or a potential employer...
A bride, a bridal seamstress, or a wannabe...
An experienced dancer or a couch potato fond of DWTS...
A Lowell historian looking for a new slant or a newcomer to the city...
A fantasy aficionado or a family member...
Or even simply a random passerby...
There should be a little something for everyone here. Enjoy your visit!


(And yes, Christina is simply a nom de plume)


Sometimes I talk about how I have a sister who belly dances,
and a sister who sews wedding gowns, and a sister who dances competitively,
and a sister who writes, and people ask, 'How many sisters have you got?'
I say 'Three, but that's all just Ruth."

-Lawrence Watt-Evans,
award-winning author

Christina's novel, The Raven Coronet, can be found at Amazon & B&N. Ruth's non-fiction dance history, Twirling Jennies is also now available online (and elsewhere).

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