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"Mill Dance" quilt



Needless to say, as a longtime bridal seamstress, much of Ruth's design work has been with wedding gowns. Whether trimming the store-bought gown of an Audrey Hepburn fan with black lace, or finding a way to combine the front of one dress seen at a popular bridal shop with the back of another, her results are invariably stunning.

Interestingly enough, Ruth hasn't generally considered herself a designer; rather the opposite. She's the skilled problem-solver who takes other people's design ideas and makes them happen.

Bride and Hepburn
bride's back

That mix of problem-solver and designer serves her well at her R&D job making prototype shoes for New Balance. And, during her decade with Regal Fabrics, those skills were called upon to turn out some noteworthy show displays. A few of those displays can be seen below.

Prior to landing the New Balance job, Ruth had spent months searching for a job closer to home but had found that every relevant position required familiarity with computer graphics programs. Taking the bull by the horns, Ruth enrolled in UMass Lowell's Graphic Design and Digital Imaging certificate program early in 2011.

Ruth can now claim experience with Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and Dreamweaver. She's also tinkered with sound and animation programs such as Audacity and Flash. To date, she has created a half-dozen truly unique websites; the others can be accessed via the "Portfolio" link at left.

Ruth completed her certificate in the summer of 2012, earning a straight 4.0 and receiving high praise from her instructors. Images of her graphic design work may be seen by clicking the "Portfolio" link.

bride front The two displays
shown are from a trade show in Belgium.
Ruth not only created the cabana but designed and built the collapsible top frame for transport and easy setup.

show display
    cabana jackets
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Ruth's work with a handweaver has included some elaborate silk appliqué as seen here.

On the home front, she was a core member of the committee to revitalize her building's atrium; more recently she built the association a website. She was also one of a trio of residents who strove to keep the atrium fountain bright and welcoming until work at last began on its replacement.




Atrium photo appeared in Lowell Sun, May 13th 2011; credited to David H. Brow.

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