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In order to make some of the documents Ruth has in her possession available to her family and other interested parties, and to protect them from loss should her home burn down, she is going to start putting them online haphazardly, rather than waiting until she has time to organize them beautifully.

If she's done this right, clicking on any document description should get you a pdf download of it.


Philip Soorn's scrapbook: woofers & yachting & patents, oh my!

Samuel Goodwin's will

Samuel Goodwin's grave info, including letter from Gov. Ichabod Goodwin

Assorted pre-1990 death certificates

GGE & DWE A-bomb certificates

Gordon G. Evans WWII discharge papers

William F. Evans Woodrow Wilson reference letters

Arthur Briley's citizenship papers

GGE certificate of appreciation from Truman

3 Evans' family letters, Geneva, OH 1872–94

2 Goodwin family business letters 1848 & 1877

2 letters to Samuel Goodwin regarding canal 1840

3 letters to Samuel Goodwin relating to politics 1836–42






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