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Dancers This collection of fantastical dance images was created from photos by Ella Carlson, plus a few of Ruth's own. Marketing Gallery Most of these were class projects, but "The Rebirth of Wonder" cover is in use commercially. B&B Brochure The Jenny L-Inn is an imaginary B&B based on an antique house Ruth owned for 20+ years. Dog LOL A photo of Sasha in her cold-weather footgear prompted this piece of silliness.
CD Wallet This CD concept includes packaging and an animated text banner. The animation is set to a verse from a Judy Collins recording. Canal Place Link Ruth built and maintains this website for her condo association. It also includes a bulletin board which she manages. Hem Hitch Book The Hem Hitch booklet combines Ruth's expertise in wedding gowns, graphic design, and writing. The bride is taken from actual wedding photos. Cartoon Site link Ruth has been drawing this cartoon since 8th grade. In 2011, he finally got his own website (which is now hosted off this one).
Abbot's Bromley animation A traditional English tune is re-imagined here in Garageband and Flash. McKinney site link

This professional website was built as a Christmas present for a family member.

A new logo and a new look for a charity's fundraising materials are shown here using photos "borrowed" from the web. A pdf of Ruth's resume is available by clicking here.
Twirling Jennies This publicity site for Ruth's dance history book offers a wide variety of information. FITS baby site Another professional website—one with lots of fun rollover effects—built for a family member.        
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