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"Mill Dance" quilt

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Lowell project

old Lowell map
The Leo Roy Garage can be seen here on the site of Lowell Manufacturing's 1848 building. To the right is one of the company's remaining buildings, now converted to condominiums.

"This room I should suppose is 250 feet long by 150 wide. When roofed and floored, the Company gave out invitations for a small dance by candlelight. The company amounted to the pleasant parlor full of 5000, and at one time the band was giving out music for no less than one hundred cotillon sets on the floor at once..."

The event that the Mill Dance quilt is based upon is mentioned multiple places but none have turned up so far with more detail than the Wisconsin newspaper article quoted above. One other source lists the event as a dance and picnic. Based on the year of the newspaper and the size of the hall described, the mill-warming party would have taken place in a building that used to stand where the Leo Roy garage rises today.

Incidentally, a cotillon set is a square made up of four couples so 100 sets would consist of 800 dancers.


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