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After a good bit of searching, Ruth and Charles obtained a copy of this very early waltz manual via an interlibrary loan of microfilm from the Library of Congress. They see no reason not to share their pdf of it here.
The reviewer at right seems to have been as struck by the author's obsequious verbosity as they were.

Having in our last Volume paid proper consideration to Mr. Wilson's "Country Dances," we shall content ourselves with now giving only the ample title of the present work; observing merely, that it is dedicated
"To the Ladies and Gentlemen, of the King's Theatre, Opera House, of the Theatres Royal, Drury Lane and Covent Garden, and of the other Theatres, and to the Teachers of Dancing, and the others who have honored the Treatise on the correct Method of Waltzing with their patronage and support, as subscribers and otherwise.
"No work on Dancing ever having been so highly patronized as the present, I can only say, that my sense of gratitude, excited by your goodness, is so strong, as to be altogether inexpressible, and such as never can be destroyed, but must be ever held in my remembrance, and cherished with enthusiasm."

The volume is splendidly printed; and will be a curious morsel for some Bibliomaniac of the next Century.
Disapproving in toto of the art of Waltzing, we cannot say more of the mode of teaching it.

—Book review from "The Gentleman's Magazine: and Historical Chronicle. January to June,1817"

  1816 Waltz manual title page
  The frontispiece shown at right is actually from an 1817 edition of the book and is included here because the Library of Congress' scanned image is too streaky to make out the step details.
Waltz frontpiece  
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