Father’s Back from Princeton 6/18/23

June 18, 1923

Father returned from Princeton last night, where he had gone for the week end.  He didn’t feel at first as though he could go, but everyone urged him: and he says it has done him a world of good to “get in line” (as one of his classmates said) “with the healing power of old friends.”  I was awfully glad to see him as I missed him a lot.

Automobile Ride 6/5/23

June 5, 1923

Miss Bessie Sullivan took Aunt Betty and Aunt Jane and Aunt Sydney and me for a long automobile ride.  We went to Shepherd Bay, where I played in the sand: to Coney Island, where I was entranced by the music “going round and round and round:” (they called it a merry-go-round): and then home by the shore drive.

Sunday Dinner at Grandma’s 6/3/23

At Grandma’s for dinner.  This has been our regular Sunday custom for several weeks.  Aunt Betty goes to New York ‘most every week end, just as she did before Mahud went away.  —I often ask about Mahud and say I wish she would “come and see Gordon,” but Daddy only says, “Oh, beloved, I wish she could come.”

Visting the Holts 5/30/23

May 30, 1923

Gran’ma, Aunt Arey, Daddy and I were out to visit the Holts in Hollis.  I had a fine time playing on the grass with Aunt Arey and Daddy, especially in running down a little hill, my first attempt at that game.  —Saw a lot of real ol’ pusher engines, such as Daddy draws for me.  Home at 7 and to bed after 8, a very tired little boy.

Flat Feet 5/28/23

May 28, 1923

Last Saturday morning, while Daddy was giving me my bath (Aunt Betty being in New York), he was shocked to see how the arches in my feet had fallen.  He blames it on the fact that just before we went to Riverton last summer the only pair of shoes Mother and he could find that my fat foot would go into was a pair of high moccasins. Unfortunately the soles were rounding, and when I began to walk my ankles naturally turned in.  Daddy has been noticing my ankles for some time but didn’t realize things were so bad.  —So today he took me to Dr. Walter Truslow, an old friend of his, who wrapped my feet in adhesive tape and gave orders to have the inner edge of my shoe soles raised a quarter of an inch.  —The doctor is very nice, but I didn’t like the elevator in the building at all!