A New Diet! 4/20/21

April 20, 1921

Called on Dr. Smith again today.  He says I’m a good boy, and I like him, ’cause he has told Mother to give me more to eat.  I’ve been trying to tell her I needed more food for, lo, these many days, but she couldn’t understand my conversation.  But now we have orders from headquarters! — I am to have four bottles a day, instead of three, and six ounces each time, instead of five.  Also I’m to have a bit of prune pulp once a day.  — Fine!

By the doctor’s scale, I weigh 11 lb., 7 oz. with my shirt on, and the same by our scales.  But with all my clothes off I weigh 11 lb., 3 oz. — not a very great gain during the last week.  I hope to do much better on my new diet.

Isn’t it fun to get your clothes off and kick out with your legs and swing your arms about?  I love it.

Gifts from Aunt Nora 4/16/21

April 16, 1921

Aunt Nora gave me two splendid gifts today:  a beautiful white coat and a bath robe.  I shall be allowed to wear the coat, I suppose, only when I go out in my go-cart or go walking with Mother, in the dim and distant future:  but the bath robe is of immediate use.  I’m awfully glad to have them.  My wardrobe now is quite complete.

Weight, 10 pounds, 12 ounces.

More bibs! 4/15/21

April 15, 1921

Gifts still keep coming.  Received today a fine, handmade bib from Katherine Prowess and her children, Bob and Janet.  This makes nine bibs I have, but I reckon I’ll need ’em all when I begin to draw up to the table and eat regular man-fashion.

Books and “Petticoats” (nightgowns) 4/14/21

April 14, 1921.

My old nurse, Miss Ganung, [whom Mother called “The White Rabbit,” because she trotted about in the hospital like the White Rabbit in “Alice in Wonderland”] called today and brought me the most charming book— “Wild-flower Children.”  She had intended to send it at Easter time, but things interfered, so she brought it instead.  I’m awfully glad to have it: and it will be a great help when I begin to study the wild flowers.

There came also from Cousin Jessie Allen, of Chalmers’ Crescent, Edinburg, Scotland, a beautiful Paris petticoat, all hand made.  Accompanying it was a sweet letter, bringing to Mother and me the love of our cousins of Chalmers’ Crescent. — I hope to go over some day and see them all.

Bedford Park outings 4/12&13/1921


April 12, 1921.

Out to Bedford Park again with Mother.  It is so nice that pleasant days are coming, so we can get out often.  There is nothing I like better — except, possibly, food.


April 13, 1921.

Two months old today.

Had another pleasant trip to Bedford Park with Mother and Great Aunt Bessie.