Safety testing, 20s-style 6/23/21

June 23, 1921

At Home Day.  Four callers came: Grandmother and Misses Ingalls, Wollaston, and Winslow.  I was in fine form and made a great hit.

Miss Ingalls brought me a beautiful, big red, blue, and green rubber ball, which she had scrubbed with soap and water.  “No paint came off,” she said, “So I know Gordon may lick it all he want to with perfect safety.”

Hot! 6/21/21

June 21, 1921

The longest day in the year — and one of the hottest, I reckon.  So hot outside that Mother kept me in the house all day.  Still wearing too many clothes, but Mother is getting rid of them gradually.  Must be great to be a little red Indian or a black African!

A Varied Diet 6/20/21

June 20, 1921

Father came home from Princeton last night filled, as always, with love for the place.  He says I seem awfully young, as some of his classmates’ sons are now ready to enter college.  — But I’ll grow up to it, I reckon!

Went with Mother to the doctor’s again.  He was pleased with her report of me and didn’t change the formula much, but he says I’m to have a teaspoonful of beef juice in water each day and three teaspoonfuls of orange juice.  —Certainly my diet is varied enough.  Mother says it is like a three-ringed circus, getting all my various dishes ready for me.  “Spect I’ll have bread and potatoes soon!


Princeton & postcards 6/18/21

June 18, 1921

Father went to Princeton today, it being Commencement and Reunion time.  Mother sang “Rum-ske-ho” with me, and she did very well!  I think I’d hardly be satisfied now without my Princeton evensong!

Visitors 6/16/21

June 16, 1921

My “At Home” day and eight people came to see me: Grandmother and Misses Adair, Ketcham, Parsons, Stone, Sullivan and Wright, and Mrs. Meyers, all old friends of Mother’s.  Rather too much excitement for me, but I behaved pretty well.

Princeton Songs 6/13/21

June 13, 1921

Four months old!

Mother and I celebrated by taking another ride with Mrs. Corner.  We enjoyed it hugely.

I’m feeling fine these days.  Very little colic, sleeping well at night, and generally ready to greet everyone with smiles.  I’m learning many new and pleasant tricks—such as talking to myself as I lie in my crib before and after my 6 AM bottle: playing with my hands: and shoving the covers off so I can kick more freely!

One of the nicest things that happens to me is when, at getting-ready-for-bed time, 6 P.M., Father sings “Old Nassau” and “Rum-ske-ho,” while I beat time for him.  It’s the most fun!  We both love it and laugh and chuckle together, while Mother stands in the background and applauds the performance.  Father says he hopes I’ll lead Senior singing, even as he had the joy of doing: and so I can’t begin to learn the Princeton songs too early!

First Night in Crib 6/12/21

June 12, 1921

Slept in my gorgeous new crib last night for the first time.  It’s fine!  Gives a fellow plenty of room to stretch himself.  I had a most comfortable night, even though it was the unaccustomed hands of Father that prepared me for bed, Mother having been taken to New York by Aunt Nora to see “Mr. Pim Passes By.”  She got home and to bed late: and then—since my crib is in her room—every time I wiggled or sucked my fist she wakened and got up to look at me.  So she had a bad night: with the result that we had a late start this morning and our whole schedule was thrown out.

We were all over to Grandmother’s for dinner this afternoon: and though I was tired, having been awake all morning, I just couldn’t go to sleep until way after six o’clock.  —Home about eight and right to bed with my six o’clock bottle!


So many gifts! 6/10/21

June 10, 1921

There came today a pair of blue silk stockings from a little boy in Massachusetts, Alan Tomlinson.  His mother calls him my “friend and admirer.”  Hope to play with him some day.

This is the 116th gift to me!  I’m very grateful for all my relatives and friends.  They have been most kind and generous.

Day of Smiles 6/9/21

June 9, 1921

Mother says that this day should go down in my diary as The Day Of Smiles, because she has never known me to be so full of smiles.  Even when I choked on my warm water, I just grinned over it.

My new crib arrived today and I’m crazy to try it out.  The little bassinet no longer fits big me!

First Car Ride 6/7/21

June 7, 1921

My first automobile ride!

Mrs. Clarence Corner [“Aunt Annie”] gave Mother and me a splendid outing today by taking us out in her car for a two-and-a-half hour ride.  We went through Prospect Park and down the Parkway and back through the Park again.  I had my mid-afternoon bottle in The Old Fashioned Garden, and it seemed to taste extra good!  The ride did Mother and me, both, a world of good, for it was so much better than a walk with the pram.  Aunt Annie has our cordial gratitude:  —and she promises to take us out again!