First Haircut 8/24/21

August 24, 1921

Mother had to waken me at 6:30 this morning.  These cool nights certainly are giving me refreshing slumber!

Had a bad time this afternoon from 4 to 5 o’clock.  Very unusual.  I had been awake practically all the time since 9 this morning and yet I just couldn’t get to sleep.  So naturally, being unhappy, I cried, hard, and wore out Mother and Grandmother.  Father finally took me and I fell asleep, sobbing, in his arms.

Mother perpetrated a joke on me today: at least, Father thinks the result a joke.  She gave me my first hair cut!  And as she did it with her manicure scissors I suppose the effect is not absolutely perfect.  But it surely makes me look like a regular boy!

Goodbye cousins 8/23/21

August 23, 1921

Cousin Roy took Mother, Father and me on a long drive through the country.  We had some splendid views of this beautiful section.

At five o’clock they all started back to Geneva.  We were sorry to part with each other, but glad we had been together for even so short a time.

I was away from home tonight for the first time except on the train.  We were all invited to Mrs. James Heilman’s for dinner, and as I am not yet quite up to sitting at table, I was given my dinner privately in the parlor in my carriage, and slept peacefully thereafter until it was time to go home.

I’m having a lot of “First Times” these days.  First glimpse of New York, first ferry, first steam train, first raised myself to a sitting position yesterday when Cousin Burrel let me hold on to his fingers, and met my first young baby tonight when Mrs. Florence Heilman Ramsey brought down her four-months old daughter to see me.  [Her son, James, by the way, and I got on beautifully together.]

Ohio cousins 8/22/21

August 22, 1921

Father’s cousins, Roy Gee, his wife, Rose, his son, Billy, and his father, Burrel, drove over from Geneva, Ohio, today to see me.  I was very glad indeed to meet them and they all expressed complimentary opinions about me!  We have quite a houseful now:  and I am on my very best behavior.

Pictures 8/21/21

August 21, 1921

Woke by mistake this morning at four and immediately proclaimed my desire to be fed.  Mother tried to fill me up with warm water:  but at five o’clock she yielded to my incessant demands and sent Father down stairs for my bottle!

Father printed pictures today and they turned out very well.  Mother is so excited about them!

Growing like a weed 8/18/21

August 18, 1921

These are good days!  Rain or shine I am out on the front porch or in the yard for hours and hours, and I can fairly feel myself growing!

For many weeks past I have demanded to be walked to sleep after my six o’clock bottle, but last night I decided that I’d rather go to sleep on the bed.  So, after Mother had carried me a while, I told her of my new determination.  Whereupon she put me down and I promptly turned over on my side and went to sleep like an angel.  —It’s a good game.  I intend to keep it up.

Singing with Father 8/14/21

August 14, 1921

While Father held me on his knee at the piano he played and sang “The Lazy Song.”  I went almost wild from excitement, kicking and waving my arms and doing my best to sing with him.  Mother says, “Mozart:” but Aunt Sara says, “Minstrel Show!”  But we’re all agreed that my music must be only my avocation, not my vocation: —unless I turn out to be a real genius!  —Anyway, I like Father’s [negro] songs and I like Mother’s classic songs: so my taste seems catholic!


Six Months Old! 8/13/21

August 13, 1921

  • Six Months Old!
  • Weight, 15 lbs, 12 oz.
  • Length, 27 inches

Celebrated the day by having an auto ride with Mrs. Johnson; Mother, Grandmother and Aunt Sara accompanying me: and by being “snapped” by Father.  Been good all day, ’cause I’m getting on in years now and I must act as befits my age — One Half Year.



Bathtime 8/12/21

August 12, 1921

I have my bath every morning in the laundry!  And it is such fun!

Almost invariably I eat breakfast with the family, and frequently other meals.  The family sits at the dining table, while I lie on a big gate-legged table in the bay window and pull at my bottle vigorously.  I love that table and am often allowed to roll around on it.

I sleep in the big front room upstairs with my parents.  Father’s cradle is very comfortable, albeit it is smaller than my crib.