First Tooth 10/9/1921

Oct. 9, 1921

My first tooth appears: a little white ridge sticking up through the lower gum.  This was my way of celebrating the day—Father’s birthday.  Also I had my first baked potato, and am not sure whether I’m going to like it or not.  The beef juice I hate as much as ever, but the doctor insists upon my having it to increase my supply of proteins: —that is, to give me more color and strength.

Grandfather, Aunt Nora and Aunt Sara took dinner with us.  It was a kind of double celebration, since Grandfather’s birthday is Oct. 7.  I was allowed to sit at table in my high chair, and we had a fine time.

Aunt Sara brought me a fine big bib.  What with beef juice, prune pulp, potato and zwieback, I sorely needed it!

More to Eat! 10/7/1921

Oct. 7, 1921

To the doctor’s, and Mother turns out to be a good guesser!  I am to have more food: a whole quart of milk, three pieces of zwieback, a teaspoon of beef juice, a tablespoon and a half of orange juice, three tablespoons of prune pulp—and a teaspoon to a tablespoon of baked potato!

Weighed 18 lb. 8 oz. on the doctor’s scales.  He was almost enthusiastic about me and called me a fine boy.

Exciting Sights! 9/28/1921

Sept. 28, 1921

One of my chief delights is to be at the window in my father’s arms or my little chair and gaze out at all the interesting things that occur.  The church across the way is building a community house, and I like to watch it grow.  Then the cars going by and the clouds and the sky and the trees and children playing—it is all so exciting.  I find that the world is so full of a number of things that it keeps me busy keeping track of them all.  Every new sight, every noise, in fact everything around me is a subject to be investigated.  Living in such a world is very interesting for a small boy, particularly when people buzz or clap their hands or make other noises for my entertainment!

Pleasant Bedtime 9/27/1921

Sep. 27, 1921

I seem to have resumed the habit I learned in Greenville of going to sleep without being walked, much to my parents’ delight.  Generally Father holds me on his lap while I have my 6 o’clock bottle and gives me zwieback for dessert.  I continue to sit there, playing with my toes and waving my arms about, until I show signs of sleepiness, when I am laid away in my crib.  Usually I go off to sleep promptly, but occasionally I have to be picked up for a moment to get rid of the gas in my very full “tummy.”  —Gas troubles me very little these days, praise be!  —Then when I am perfectly comfortable I tell ’em I want to be put down.  —and off I go for the night.  My 10 o’clock bottle is only a pleasant dream!  I am asleep again at once always.


My High Chair 9/25/1921

Sept 25, 1921

Sat in my hight chair for the first time.  It’s so big for me that Mother fears I’ll fall through, under the tray, but she needn’t concern herself about that!

Miss Patterson and Miss Cummings called and Miss Patterson brought me a bib that she bought for me in Paris this summer.  A lovely gift most kindly made.

Went with Father this afternoon to Grandfather’s house.  He and Aunt Nora were very glad to welcome me and we all had a happy time.