To the Photographers! 1/28/22

Jan. 28, 1922

To the photographer’s to have my first real picture taken.  Everything was so strange there, especially the funny lights that made my parents’ faces look so queer, that I was a little bit scared and a big bit unhappy, so that I don’t expect the pictures will do me justice.

Great Aunt Elizabeth came over in the afternoon.  She is going to be with us several days, I am glad to know.

No, No! 1/25/22

Jan 25, 1922

My parents think I am learning the meaning of “No, No!” when I reach out for something they don’t want me to have: —but I’m not quite so sure.  Seems kind of reasonable when I am on the tubs being prepared for bed, but at other times—well, I’ll have to consider the matter!

The kitchen tubs make a wonderful seat from which to observe all the marvels my mother performs,  She makes perfectly bewitching blue flames to appear on the stove, and mixes up the most exciting things in glass and china bowls, and makes entertaining noises with pots and pans.  And as for the ice box—well, some day I’m going to have a real look inside, if I have to fall off the tubs to do it!  It’s a great mystery as yet.

Mrs. Heilman, of Greenville, who has been visiting Grandmother, brought me a Roly-Poly when she and Grandmother and Aunt Sara came over for supper Sunday night.  She brought the Roly-Poly all the way from Greenville for me, and we call him “Angels” to match my other Roly-Poly, whom we call “Michael.”

Kisses 1/22/22

Jan. 22, 1922

Although these days are very cool Mother and I go out for an hour or so every day, and that, together with my increased allowance, gives me fine sleep o’ nights.

At last I am beginning to learn to move about!  When I am put down on the bed to roll about and exercise, I can get on my hands and knees (more or less), I have discovered, and push myself backward.  My knees can’t get a grip on the bed clothes.  Or I get on my back and by arching my back, so I rest on my head and heels, I can push myself forward.  It’s true that both methods of locomotion are crude and slow, but I’m going to stick at it until I can move in any direction and with great speed.  And then my parents will have to keep an eye on me!

Got another trick.  While I am being given my meals, either in my high chair or on the tubs, I find it pleasant to lean forward once and again and again so that Mother or Father my kiss me on my manly brow.  And they absolutely adore it!

Big Appetite 1/21/22

Jan. 21, 1922

As I’ve been waking lately about 4 A.M., Mother decided that I must be hungry.  So last night I had a big dinner; a double dose of farina and a lot of apple sauce—and I slept till seven o’clock this morning!  Only goes to show that growing boys need plenty of food!  I weigh 24 1/4 lbs. now.

Little imitator 1/15/22

Jan. 15, 1922

Twenty three pounds, twelve ounces in spite of my cold!  The medicine is all gone, praise be, and my cold almost all gone, though I can’t yet go out.

I’m acquiring a lot of new tricks these days.  I’m a great little imitator: so when Father sticks out his tongue at me, I do the same: and when Mother yawns, so do I: and I’ve even learned to clap my hands when told to do so.  I tell you I’m a clever chap!

Eleven Months Old 1/13/22

Jan. 13, 1922

Eleven Months Old!

My cold is better but I am still confined to the house.  The medicine is very bad and I’ve learned to open my mouth to take it as though I liked it—and then spit it out!  Sometimes my parents fool me by giving me a spoonful of my beloved orange juice and then, when I’m all set for the next spoonful, pouring a spoonful of medicine down my throat so quickly that I swallow it before I realize their crime—But they always give me some more orange juice right away, so I forgive ’em!

Sicker again 1/10/22

Jan. 10, 1922

My cold is worse again.  Don’t know whether I’ve caught more by being out of doors yesterday and day before, but any way we had to have the doctor again.  He changed the medicine a little and I am to have both my chest and my back rubbed with camphorated oil.  —I don’t approve of this having colds at all!