Standing! 5/12/22

May 12, 1922

This afternoon, while Father was working on the roof and I was near by in my “kiddie-coop,” I was so eager to get to him that I seized the top of the fence and pulled myself right up onto my own two feet and stood there for a long time—at least ten seconds!  I’ve been held on my feet for a moment several times by my family but this is the first time I’ve STOOD UP ALL BY MYSELF.

New go-cart 5/8/22

May 8, 1922

Mother took me out today for the first time in my new go-cart.  I’m a bit dubious about it, but Mother likes it a lot.  It’s lighter and runs very easily.  —This is the first time I’ve been in my carriage on the street for quite a while.  We usually have our daily outing on the roof.

Father has begun to build a “Roof Porch” for the Chews and us.  It’s going to be a big place—10×12 ft—and perfectly great for small boys—and grown ups!

Car ride 5/7/22

May 7, 1922

Mr. Dewey took us in his car out through Forest Park, Forest Hills and Kew Gardens —a most enjoyable ride.  The trees were lovely in their fresh green dresses and the flowers were wonderful:  —dogwood, white and pink, flowering azalea, wisteria, lilacs!

Daylight Saving 4/30/22

April 30, 1922

Because “Daylight Saving” goes into effect today, Father turned the clock ahead last night at 10 minutes of nine, sun time, 9:50 daylight savings time.  And as the clock was striking ten, I rolled over and made my usual “10 o’clock-bottle” sounds—a little cry that I give every night about ten, as a memorial to the time when I used to have a bottle then.  —Thought it rather clever of me to get the hang of daylight saving so soon!  This morning, too, I woke at 6 o’clock, d.s. time!

Mother had a little dinner party of Smith College chums today.  —and I went out for a ride with Grandfather in the Deweys’ car!  We had a splendid ride down to the Ocean and up along the Bay:  —and when we got home, dinner was still under way.  So I was introduced to the girls and their husbands and Miss Adams (Mother’s Philosophy teacher at Smith) and enjoyed my new trick of shaking hands!  “A fine time was had by all!”

I’m improving rapidly in my creeping ability.  Make very fair speed now, and using my knees to better advantage.

Tooth #10 4/27/22

April 27, 1922

Tooth number ten!  My second molar but this time in the upper right jaw.  And, again, Mother just found it!  Hasn’t caused me a bit of trouble, so far as I know.

Father gives me very bountiful meals these days, whenever he feeds me.  He’s sure that I’ve outgrown my schedule—and I’m inclined to agree with him.  So, instead of the three tablespoons of farina, for instance, that my schedule calls for, I get over half a cup!  And I eat it all right, and look for more!

ITEM:  When Mother puts out her arms to me and says, “Love your Mother!”, I throw my arms about her and hold on tight!

Tooth #9 4/23/22

April 23, 1922

Tooth number nine!  The first molar in the upper left jaw.  Mother discovered it this morning, so it must have come through last night.  Maybe my snuffle last week was due to the tooth after all!

Today I tried creeping forward for the first time.  Can’t say it was a huge success, but at least it disproved the statements of those who said I never would creep forward!  I’m not a good creeper, anyway, I’m told.  Reckon I’m too heavy.  I don’t get up on my hands and knees as other babies do, but I just sort of push or pull myself along with my hands, (been all “push” until today), a mode of progression admirably adapted to hardwood floors!  ‘Suppose if I had been brought up on carpeted floors, I’d have been a regular creeper long ere this!  However it’s great fun to travel in any fashion.