Great Aunt E visits 5/19/22

May 19, 1922

Great Aunt Elizabeth came today for the week end.  Mighty glad to see her.  She’s astonished at the progress I’ve made in the last few weeks.  When she last saw me I was only creeping backward: and now I creep forward and stand!

Miss Ganung (Mrs. Dietrich now) called and brought me a fine scrap book.

Cheers for me! 5/18/22

May 18, 1922

Spent the whole afternoon getting up on my feet and cheering wildly for myself!  It really isn’t any trick at all to grab the top rail of my coop and haul myself erect.  Rather more of a trick to let myself down without bumping, but I’ve learned it all right.  Hear folks predicting that I’ll walk in a month or six weeks.  —As usual, when I get good and ready, I’ll do it!

Standing 5/17/22

May 17th, 1922

Got to my feet five times this afternoon while in my “kiddie coop” on the roof!  This is the first time I’ve stood up since May 12th, but now I know how easy, as well as exciting it is, and I intend to do it often.

Rock-a-bye Swing 5/14/22

May 14, 1922

Tried out my rock-a-bye swing on the roof today and promptly stood on my head when I reached for one of my blocks.  Fortunately Father was near by to rescue me and we both just laughed at the accident—after a minute!  Aside from that the swing is a great success.

Father and “Uncle” Billy Chew finished painting the roof-porch and we all had tea therein to celebrate.

Mommyitus 5/13/22

May 13, 1922

Fifteen Months Old!

Spent most of the day on the roof with my father, while he worked on the roof-porch, but in the late afternoon Mother took me out in the go-cart, on a shopping trip.  Used to be that she could leave me on the sidewalk while she went into the stores and I didn’t mind at all: but now, because I go out on the street so rarely, I cry every time she leaves me!  —I wear a harness now to keep me from falling out of my carriage and my high chair—  I’m getting to be such a big, active boy.