Coughs and Mischief 11/11/22

Nov. 11, 1922

Coughed so much last night that no one of us got much sleep.  Mother telephoned to Dr. Smith this morning and he came and looked me over and ordered some medicine and a camphorated oil rum.  I’m not sick and am unusually full of mischief.  Annoy my family by taking things off tables, pulling drawers open and generally getting into things.

Princeton 10, Harvard 3

Second Hair Cut 11/2/22

Nov. 2, 1922

Had my second hair cut today.  Father took me to his barber’s and I sat up in the chair just like a little man.  —Father had me out in the go-cart [I’m out nearly every day with Father or Mother] and took advantage of the warm day to have my flowing locks trimmed.

“Dad-dy:” a change in tone 10/29/22

Oct. 29, 1922

Last night when Daddy put me in my crib and left me I called after him, “Da-a-ddy, Da-addy,”—and my heart nearly broke ’cause he wouldn’t come back.  He told me today that his did too.  It’s the second time I’ve called him so when I thought he was leaving me. Heretofore “Daddy” has been sort of a name, like “F’ower” or “Ap-um:” but now I know just exactly what it means.  It means MY FATHER, who plays with me and loves me—and spoils me, according to our women folk!

Clothes Pins 10/27/22

Oct. 27, 1922.

Out with Mother for an hour and a half.  Aunt Bessie has gone to New York.

My latest words are “Dordie” and “Rinne” for Georgia Dewey and Aunt Corinne.

I have developed a great fondness for clothes pins.  They are about the finest toys I know of.

Ouch! 10/25/22

Oct. 25, 1922

I tripped over a rug today and fell and bumped my forehead against the corner of the base-board, raising an enormous lump.  Aunt Bessie was worse scared than I was and rubbed witch hazel on the bump with lavish hand.

Counting! 10/23/22

Oct. 23, 1922.

Father has long been used to entertaining me by holding up his fingers in succession and counting “One, Two, Three, Four, Five.”  Today I astonished Aunt Bessie, when she was counting “One, Two Three,” by adding “Wo” and Wi.”  When Father at supper time tried me out I said “One Two, Ree, Wo, Wi,” and repeated it for Mother.  Much excitement!

Spinning Top from Oberammergau 10/22/22

Oct. 22, 1922

At supper tonight I held my silver mug all by myself when I drank my milk.  I’m learning too to feed myself porridge and apple sauce with my silver spoon.

This afternoon Mother and I called on the Mansfields and on Miss Cummings and Miss Patterson, where Father joined us.  Miss Patterson gave me a little spinning top she bought for me last summer in Oberammergau.