Sixteenth Tooth 1/22/23

Jan. 22, 1923

My sixteenth tooth came through last night:—the lower right “stomach” tooth.  Aunt Bessie felt it this morning.  Now I have all my teeth but my “Two Year Molars,” and I’m getting to feel quite grown up.

I blew my own horn for the first time today!  Father taught me to blow the little horn Santa Claus put in my stocking on Christmas and also the larger horn Aunt Corinne gave me.  I am so eager to learn that it didn’t take me very long to find out how to blow a horn: but when it comes to blowing my nose—well, that’s different!  I know what to do all right, but I usually won’t do it:  I don’t quite know why.

As for new words, I am learning a lot every day: and learning to put two and three words together, too!  Father wants to make out my complete vocabulary as of my second birthday, but he says in despair that he can’t keep up with me.

After much discussion it was definitely decided that it would be better for all concerned, and particularly me, if Father carried me no more o’nights.  So a new system of putting me to bed has been devised.—After supper Mother takes me up in her arms and dances with me for a few minutes, ending by dancing me into my bedroom and tossing me on the bed. Then, amid much play and rolling about on the bed, I am undressed and put into my night clothes.  Then my bathrobe is put on me and I run into the living room to where Daddy is sitting, waiting for me,  He picks me up and hugs me and takes me to the bathroom.  Then Aunt Bessie comes and leads me by the hand into the bedroom.  She puts me in my sleeping bag, lays me down in my crib, covers me over (if the night be very cold), opens the window, says “Good night,” and walks out.  And I promptly put my thumb in my mouth and go to sleep!

With an occasional rare exception the system works beautifully.  I know that Aunt Bessie never romps with me or carries me, or I just don’t expect it: but I reckon I did impose upon Daddy!

A Bit Shy 1/21/23

Jan. 21, 1923

With Mother and Father to the Daggett’s in the morning and to Grandma’s in the afternoon.  Still a bit shy about making up with strangers but, if I am just let alone, I come around all right after a while.  I find that everyone is good to me, but they all want to hug me:—and I prefer to have only my immediate relatives do that!  I’ve heard so often, though, that I am good natured, that I must live up to my reputation!

Fifteenth Tooth! 1/17/23

Jan. 17, 1923

The fifteenth tooth: the upper left “eye” tooth.  This is the tooth that was “almost through” on December third! —We are all so thankful that the teeth are coming through without causing any trouble.  I am very well and strong and happy.

Exceedingly cold today, but I enjoyed a short outing with Mother.  Am taken out now almost every decent day: and I’m always so glad to go!

Sliding! 1/11/23

Jan. 11, 1923

Father took me up to Bedford Park to watch the boys sliding down hill on the frozen snow. It looked good to me.  I’ll have to try it myself some day.

Afterward we went over to Grandmother’s for an hour or so and, as usual, I had a joyous time with her and Aunt Sara.

Aunt Bessie’s Back 1/2/23

Jan. 2nd, 1923

Aunt Bessie came back to us last night and today we went back to the old schedule.  The Holidays are over, but they were great while they lasted.

My cold, thank goodness, is almost gone.  I like my medicine and don’t mind being rubbed with camphorated oil: but I do object to being cooped up in the house all the time.

My vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds. —I have thirty books in my library now, so I must acquire a vocabulary soon, in order to be able to read them!