Brooklyn Hospital 3/29/23

March 29, 1923

Today, while I was napping, they took my mother away to the Brooklyn Hospital. I hear them talk of “operation on the frontal sinus” and when I say to Father, “Mahud coming back?”, he answers, “Oh, dear lamb, I hope so.”  He says she was so glad to be in the hospital again and that the best surgeons in the city are taking care of her, so we are to be hopeful.

Practicing my scales 3/22/23

Mar. 22, 1923

Still unhappy with my grip.—I find some relief in playing the piano.  I don’t just pound it, as some do, but run my fingers up and down the keys just as though I were “practicing my scales,” Mother says.  She and Aunt Bessie marvel: and I can’t say that Father is not pleased!

Mother is sick 3/18/23

Mar. 18, 1923

Almost every day now I go out with Father and generally end our walk at Grandma’s.

Mother is sick now with an infection in her right ear.  She hasn’t been really well for a long time, but she has kept right on with her work until now, when she is compelled to stay home.  I’m dreadfully sorry and I pat her and tell her so.  Luckily Aunt Bessie is round and about again.

Another cold 3/3/23

Mar. 3, 1923

Got a cold myself now.  Have had it a couple of days.  Cough quite a bit at night.  My only consolation is that Father carries me in his arms as he used to.  —Grandma has taken care of me the last two days.  —I can’t boss her around the way I can Susie, but I’m awful glad to have her here, just the same!