A Dandy Gift 5/2/23

Janet Wilson gave me a set of letters and figures that is perfectly dandy.  I call them my “new blocks,” but they’re not really blocks but are simply letters and figures built up by nailing pieces of white wood together.  They are splendid helps in my new knowledge of the alphabet.

A Hard Day for a Little Boy 4/21/23

April 21, 1923

A hard day for a little boy.  First of all Aunt Nora and Aunt Betty and Daddy took me to a photographer’s to have my picture taken (my Two-Years-Old picture) but I didn’t like the place at all and just yelled.  Finally the combined effort of everyone quieted me and the photographer made some exposures, but I think they will amount to just nothing.

Then I was taken to a store to try on overcoats: and how I howled when they took off my dear old sweater jacket and tried to put a new coat on me!  Father had to say, “That’s all, Son.  No more crying!” very severely before I stopped.  They got a coat that suited them—and then we went to a hat store.

Nothing but more howls in two stores!  Aunt Nora went into the third store all by herself and got a cap that exactly matched my new coat, and was the proper size, 6 5/8.

Then we went home.  And I was so exhilarated at being free from the awful stores that I climbed up on the piano bench and played and sang, “Sing a Song of Sixpence” and “Jack Spratt” and “Bobby Shafto.”  I astonished ’em all, because I didn’t pound the keys, but played like a regular artist.