Bad Habit 3/21/21

March 20, 1921

Miss Anderson, a nurse who has helped to bring seven thousand babies into the world, called today, and her sensible talk did much to restore my blessed mother’s tranquillity.  Undoubtedly, also, I am generating less gas inside me and so am much more comfortable and quiet.  Generally I sleep quite peacefully between feedings.

My little playful habit of biting Mother when I begin to nurse has rather developed into a bad habit, I fear.  Today I have been hurting Mother during the whole of each nursing period.  — This will never do.

Had my second “walk out” today.  The air was very warm  — a summer day.

I have gained only 3 ounces in weight during the last week.  The first week at home I gained not at all, probably due to the change in my surroundings and the development of my colicky condition.  I now weigh 9 lb., 3 oz., but I hope to gain more rapidly hereafter.

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