Christmas! 12/25/22

December 25, 1922.  CHRISTMAS

A wonderful day. —First of all, I had Father hang up my stockings last night, and when I woke this morning, lo! they were filled with cunning little toys, especially a tiger that waggled his head.  Then Father began to hang shiny strings on our Tree: and Mother was busy in the kitchen: and Aunt Nora came after a while, and then Uncle Ken and Grandmother and Aunt Sara—and everyone talked “Christmas” and carried mysterious bundles—and it was all quite too much for me!  I had no nap today!

Then Dinner!  I sat at table with every one else and had my share of the turkey.  And afterward the presents were passed around and opened and I got mine one by one—and it was a great and glorious occasion!  I was so happy afterward playing with my new toys and books and cards and things, including my adoring relatives!

When the dark came Father lighted the candles on my tree and I had supper while they burned.  The tree was very lovely.  Then, too, the tree across the way was lighted—and my cup of joy ran over!

My Gifts:

  • Eight books
  • A crib blanket
  • Three toys (not counting the ones in my stocking)
  • $3.50 cash: to which Father added $6.50, making $10.00 deposit in Savings Bank.  Also a Bunny Bank
  • One boy’s suit
  • Six pairs of rompers
  • A handkerchief
  • Two pairs of stockings
  • A pair of bedroom slippers
  • A bathrobe
  • A silver spoon
  • A bib holder
  • A tray for my meals
  • A knitted scarf
  • Many greeting cards—

And the sweater suit and chair, which I had had for some time but which counted as Christmas gifts.

My second Christmas has been a perfect day.

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