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  1. I’ve looked up the medical terms on the certificate. Ethmoid cells are specialised bony cells which form a barrier between the brain and the nasal cavity.

    As I interpret it, Gordon’s mother had surgery to remove some of these cells, which were infected, with pussy discharge and possibly necrosis(dead and dying cells). Surgery was not succesful and there was a massive sinus infection leading to septicemia(bodywide infection) and pneumonia, which was fatal.

    She’d had a bad earache less than 2 weeks before, so something bad had been going on inside her skull for some time. Possible years if that was the ailment hinted at in Gordon’s log earlier.

    • Without looking it up to double-check, I believe that Roy H Gee was William Evans’ first cousin. William’s father had a sister, Artemisia, who married a Gee.

      There are several more years of journals; I’ve been taking a break from them. If I still have an audience, I’ll try to go back to posting them soon.

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