Greenville 7/7/23

July 7, 1923

Greenville, Pa.

Aunt Arey, Daddy and I left Jersey City last night on Erie train No. 5 at 8:45. Almost at once James, the porter, made up my berth in the drawing room and Daddy put me to bed. I was very much excited, (what with taxis and ferries and “regular trains” and everything) and I didn’t go to sleep till nearly ten.  But when I did get off, I slept right straight through all the noise and jolting for twelve hours: and even then Daddy had to rouse me in order that we might answer the “third and last call for breakfast!”

First thing I did when I got to Gran’ma’s was to go out in the yard and run about in the grass, a most pleasant thing to do after living for months in an apartment.  After nap and dinner I was in the yard again and made the acquaintance of a lot of flowers and a tame grey squirrel that was playing about the yard.  Later I discovered the stairs in the house and spent a happy hour climbing up and down them all by myself.

Fred and Clara Smith and their daughter, Martha Smith Graff, whom I had seen in Brooklyn a few weeks previously, came to see me just as I was finishing supper; but all I could think of to say to them was my mystic phrase—”Dig-dum-humph-L-bug!” And even I don’t know what it means!  Though I built it up out of my own head a long time ago.

Looks to me as though “Greenbill” is a pretty good place to spend a summer!

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