Walking! 8/5/22

August 5, 1922

I have walked alone!  Father was eating an apple and I wanted it, as usual.  “Come and get it, then,” said Father, and held it out to me.  I got up on to my feet without holding on to anything, [which was a feat in itself] stood wavering and gathering all my courage together, Father urging me all the time to be brave, and finally took two steps toward him before I lost my balance!  He caught me up and held me high in the air and hugged me and we both shouted together!  In the excitement the apple was forgotten.  —On a second trial I walked eight steps—and that was enough for one day!  —Mother says it was the Old Adam in me responding to the lure of the apple!

We are all so excited and pleased about my walking.  I have only to learn to talk man-talk now, and then I’ll be ready to play my part in the great game of life.

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