My First Christmas 12/25/21

Dec. 25, 1921  CHRISTMAS

I’ve found out who Santa Claus is!  He’s the fat little gentleman who brings gifts to good boys and good girls on Christmas.  I guess I must be a very good boy, because he brought me a Roly-Poly, a Tinker Ball Man, a wooden Dog and Cart, Three Balls, a squeaking Rubber Doll, five pairs of Rompers, a Sweater, a Knitted Cap, a Bib, four Handkerchieves, a Bib Chain, a downy Comforter for my carriage, a Quilt for my crib, a pair of patent leather Shoes, a Coat Hanger, a Bowl and Pitcher, a silver Knife and Fork, two pairs of Mittens, $1.50 for my Bank Account, and four Books!

It’s been a great day.  Grandmother, Grandfather, Aunt Sara, Aunt Nora and Great Uncle Ken were here all afternoon and evening, and I have been the center of an admiring multitude, which pleased me greatly.  At dinner I sat at the table in my high chair and had a wonderful time, especially at the end when the gifts Santa Claus had left for everyone were distributed.  Mine were handed to me one by one—and I got so excited!  I laughed and shouted and rocked my high chair and threw my toys on the floor just for the fun of having Uncle Ken pick them up so I could throw them down again!

And after dinner Father lit the candles on the tree and it was very beautiful.  Before I went to bed I told everyone that My First Christmas had been a wonderful success.